Ginger Ginny

Having recently enjoyed some amazing cocktails in Dublin’s Peruke & Periwig and The Alchemist in the UK, I felt inspired to jazz up my drink of choice: the humble Gin & Tonic. So in honour of Wold Gin Day on June 10th, I have come up with Ginger Ginny!


Dingle and Monkey 47 are my two favourite gin brands. Monkey 47 is a bit pricey for anything other than a special occasion, but it’s a really smooth gin that leaves no chemical aftertaste in your mouth. That said, my go-to gin is definitely Dingle gin, in which you can really smell and taste the juniper berries and other botanicals.


When it comes to tonic water, I once read that if you’re going to the bother of picking out a beautiful craft gin, why would you ruin it by pouring a cheap tonic into it? I definitely agree with this when it comes to the slimline tonics, as I find the artificial sweeteners leave a nasty aftertaste in your mouth that overpower the final notes of the gin (I realise I sound like an absolute ponce here, before anyone points it out!!). The most popular of the ‘fancy’ tonic waters out there is definitely Fever-Tree. It is so much better than any of the supermarket own-brand options I have tried, and is definitely worth the extra money (especially the elderflower flavoured one). Another tonic worth a mention here is Poacher’s. Made in Ireland with Wexford spring water, it contains only half of the sugar that’s in most other tonic waters, and tastes absolutely delicious. It can be purchased in Bradleys Off-Licence on North Main Street as far as I’m aware.

So before I blab any further, I made my Ginger Ginny with Dingle gin and Fever-Tree original tonic. The ginger infuses into the gin to provide a layer of spice, and the strawberry gives it some sweetness.


Ginger Ginny

  • 35.5 mL (1 measure) gin
  • tonic water
  • 2 Irish strawberries
  • ~15 g fresh ginger root
  • ½ lime
  • ice

Thinly slice the ginger and remove the stalk of the strawberries.

In a glass, crush together the ginger slices, strawberries, juice of half a lime and the gin.

Add ice and top up with tonic water. Don’t forget to stir it around before you drink it!


If you make a Ginger Ginny let me know how it was: tag @thecorkfork on Instagram!



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