The Basics: Cooking Quinoa

Often heard of it but never tasted it? Quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah‘) is a high-protein grain originating from South America. It’s somewhat similar to couscous and bulgar wheat, but has a nuttier taste. It leaves me feeling full without the heavy and bloated feeling that oftentimes accompanies eating carbs. I haven’t come across anyone yet who doesn’t like it, so give it a shot!

If you’re unfamiliar with cooking it, follow these easy-peasy instructions to fill your plate with fluffy and filling quinoa! Most supermarkets sell it these days, and it is usually found in the aisle with tinned beans and chickpeas. It is readily available in most health food stores such as the Quay Co-Op, and comes in a variety of colours: red, white and black, although the white variety is the one most commonly found in supermarkets.

Unsure of how to eat it? Try these yummy veggie burgers or this nutty salad for some ideas. Or serve it alongside this mouthwatering vegan curry. It is a versatile food that can be enjoyed both hot and cold, and is perfect for lunches, side-salads and main meals. I even use it raw like in these protein balls.


The Basics: Cooking Quinoa

Serves 2 (generously!)

  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2.5 cup cold water

(Optional: dry toast the quinoa in the pan for several minutes on a high heat to add an extra nutty flavour to it)

Bring the quinoa to the boil in water in a lidded pot on a high heat.

Once boiling, lower the temperature to medium and continue to cook with the lid on. Avoid stirring the quinoa to allow for steam pockets to form. This will ensure the quinoa is fluffy and dry and not soggy and wet.


Once all of the water has boiled off, turn off the heat, and leave the quinoa to cool in its latent heat for another 5-10 min with the lid on, and without stirring.


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