Tangy Lemon Curd

I absolutely love really tangy lemon curd that makes you purse your lips when you eat it! It’s really easy to make your own and it will taste infinitely nicer than anything you could buy in the supermarket, but it does need constant attention while you’re making it, or it will scramble. In a nut-shell: do not stop whisking!

Steralise the jar before you fill it with curd by washing it with Milton and boiling water, or wash it in soapy water and dry at 140 °C in the oven. Store the lemon curd in the fridge and consume within two weeks. Alternatively, it can be stored in the freezer.

The left-over egg whites can also be stored in the freezer, used to make meringue, chocolate mousse, or an egg-white omelette. A quick google search will give you plenty more ideas of what to do with them so they’re not wasted.


Tangy Lemon Curd

  • 8 egg yolks
  • 4 lemons
  • 200 g sugar (granulated or caster)
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 150 g butter

Zest and juice 4 lemons. Measure out ~200 mL of juice and whisk together with the sugar, zest, egg yolks and salt.

Chop the butter into small chunks and add to the mixture

On a medium-low heat, whisk the mixture together continuously as the butter melts and the curd begins to thicken. Make sure it does not boil.

When the curd has thickened to the point where it coats the back of a spoon (~10 min), pour it through a sieve into a large bowl. Transfer into steralised jar to set. Store in the fridge once cooled.


Tag @thecorkfork on Instagram if you try making this recipe!


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