Vegan Chocolate-Orange Avocado Pots

These delicious and decadent chocolate pots are full of healthy ingredients. Free from butter, cream and eggs, you can enjoy them guilt free! The secret? Avocados. Hold on a minute – bear with me! I admit that I’ve often read about desserts containing avocados and turned my nose up at the idea of it. It sounds so gross to me! Recently I tried an avocado lime pie a friend made, and it was delicious! No taste of avocados what-so-ever. So I decided I would try out some avocado based chocolate pots and see if they’re acceptable!

What a find! These chocolate pots are so rich and smooth, you would think they were laced with dairy and eggs. Make sure the avocados are on the soft side of ripe to ensure a creamy soft texture. I don’t like desserts to be overly sweet, so if it tastes bitter to you, simple add more maple syrup (or honey). Make sure to use good quality dark chocolate for the tastiest result! Some of the cheaper brands may have some dairy in them, so if you’re vegan – watch out!

As long as they are eaten fresh, there is no taste of avocado. They do need to be eaten fresh however, as if you leave them for over a day, the taste of avocado becomes apparent. They can be eaten on their own as a rich chocolate dessert, or they can be used as a smooth chocolate icing atop a cake.



Vegan Chocolate-Orange Avocado Pots

  • 50 g hazelnuts (toasted in the oven – 160 °C, 10 min) – optional
  • 175 g ripe avocado (~2 small-medium avocados)
  • 120 g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids)
  • 60 mL maple syrup
  • zest ½ an orange
  • juice ½ an orange
  • pinch of salt

(Optional: Using a food processor, make a smooth hazelnut butter from the toasted hazelnuts. To ensure it’s completely smooth, mill the nuts before you blend them. Including hazelnuts is optional, but I like the extra subtle kick they give to the flavour.)

Melt the chocolate.

Add all of the ingredients together to a blender, and blend for 2-3 minutes, on full power, until totally smooth.

Divide into two pots. Eat when fresh.


If you try out these vegan chocolate-orange pots, tag @thecorkfork on Instagram!



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