Introducing: The Cork Fork by YOU!

The most exciting thing on this journey so far has been hearing of people who have tried my recipes! I know it sounds stupid when I’m writing a food blog – but I never actually expected anyone would make anything!!

I would love to see what you come up in the kitchen, so if you make a recipe by The Cork Fork, send me a picture of your creation on Facebook or tag me on Instagram @thecorkfork and I will share it here!

Above are two tasty looking recreations of a Spanish Omelette by Ellie Townsend and Laoise Bryan-O’Sullivan

IMG_3056 IMG_3391

Elodie substituted macadamia nuts for cashew nuts for her pesto, and Kate managed to make some guilt-free Nutella with a hand-held blender!


Niamh Horan and Chris Armstrong made a beautiful looking Margherita pizza using homemade dough and tomato sauce. Love the addition of the wine guys!!

IMG_3754Kate’s first attempt at Nutella Fingers look pretty good here! As too does Stephanie‘s Mars Bar topped Kate’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake. Looks super professional!